Waft Publishing

A wild ride

Hardcover, 30 X 30 cm, 326 pages. English.
Aston Martin: The making of Valkyrie

A wild, wild, wild race to develop one of the most incredible cars of all time. The first genuine road-going Formula 1.

Immerse yourself in this unique book tracing the formidable alliance between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing to give birth to the world’s fastest hypercar, from the first sketches to the final production version. Discover the views of the main protagonists, early design drawings, stunning technical renderings, first meters, exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, and plenty of drama. A must-have in your automotive bookshop

This book is a condensed version of Waft’s masterpiece “Inside Valkyrie”.

The team’s opinion

This book, packed with exclusive visuals, takes us to the heart of stories worthy of a big-budget TV series. Page after page distills the challenges, financial issues and politics that collide when a traditional sports car brand and a world champion Formula 1 team join forces to develop the ultimate road car. We’re one with the development team. Lively and hair-raising.