Freaky Fast + Machinistic stickers pack

1 rectangular Freaky Fast sticker, 1 square + 1 Machinistic.

Proudly display your passion for cars with the Suzy Goodspeed sticker and the speed of your driving with the “Freaky Fast” stickers.

Stick them to your car’s rear quarter panel, bumper or trunk, and others will know that you’re not just there for show.

Pack of 3 stickers.

High-gloss vinyl with UV treatment.

The team’s opinion

Indulge yourself with the complete pack of 3 stickers to make your vehicle go faster.

As Dominic Toretto said: “Winning by a centimetre or a kilometer is all the same. Winning is winning. And stickers are like nitrous. We all know that.

Welcome to the Machinistic family.

Pack 3 stickers Machinistic & Freaky Fast