Hardcover, 30 X 30 cm, 252 pages. English.

Better Faster Cooler

What do Singer, Kimera, Automobili Amos and Totem Automobili have in common? They brilliantly illustrate that the theory of evolution also applies to the automobile. Like all living species, the automobile is in a perpetual state of transformation, undergoing both morphological and genetic changes over time and generations.

Fabulous cars, fantastic stories and lots of passion. That’s how we could quickly define the Restomod movement. Through this book, we discover individuals who do everything in their power to make iconic cars faster, cooler, better.

Discover or rediscover the cream of the Restomods and the history that surrounds them.

The team’s opinion

13 stories, 13 emblematic models modernized into exceptional machines. Hard work with the sole aim of achieving automotive perfection. If you love the Restomod movement, this book is a must-read. If you still have doubts about the legitimacy of these creations, let yourself be convinced by the technical challenges they meet and the passion of their creators, who have only one wish: to continue to see these iconic models grace the automotive scene.

Like a Proust’s madeleine for lovers of fine mechanical engineering.