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RUF – The limited one

Paperback, 30 x 30 cm, 520 pages. English.
911 numbered copies.

RUF, a powerful evocation that instantly brings to mind the image of the famous CTR 1 “Yellow Bird” speeding along the curves of the “green hell”, the Nürburgring track.

A unique 2-part book on the life and work of Alois Ruf,

Part 1 – Man: Alois and his friends. The captivating story of Alois Ruf, his family, his company, his passion, his great successes and small defeats, his adventures, his vision and a few secrets nobody knew about. Punctuated by countless period photos.

Part 2 – The Machines: Yellowbird and friends. All the cars that have made RUF famous. Around 35 models, each more powerful than the last, with numerous period photos and incredible technical details.

A magnificent work that compiles the finest encounters and analyses, punctuated by previously unpublished archives, to capture all the nuances of one man’s passion for the Stuttgart-based firm.

Limited edition of 911 numbered copies, no more.

The 2 books come in a handsome slipcase

The team’s opinion

We discover the incredible journey of Alois Ruf, who distills his love of the automobile with fury. As the pages turn, we discover a person who never wanted to be like everyone else, a childhood dream that never really ends. Who would have thought that Pfaffenhausen, a small town in Bavaria, would over time become a holy land, a land of exceptional automobiles. Each vehicle stamped with the three letters is an incentive to rack up the kilometers, with rhythm and pleasure.

This book is an invitation to leave your job at La Défense and embark on a thrilling journey. But not just any trip. The kind of trip that takes you to remote, forgotten, abandoned places with just one goal: to satisfy your automotive dream.

A real goldmine for all Stuttgart enthusiasts! All that’s left is to find a place for it in the living room.

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