Holy Tree ” Long live speed trap” Machinistic tee


*FLASH*. The tachometer needle reads a good 180 km/h, but it’s too late. There’s only one thing left to do: grumble, wait for the official report and end up joining the circle of those who “screw speed cameras”. Or is it the other way around?

Whether the speed trap devil has already got you, or not, we all have that something that bothers us when we pass the grey box. Show off your taste for speed, how good it is to catch up without getting caught.

White T-shirt with round neck and straight cut, made from 100% organic cotton – 200 g/m². This cotton offers excellent hold and resistance over time.

Maintenance tips

To maintain the garment’s velocity, we recommend a cold wash (30°C max). It’s also best to wash it inside out to prolong the life of the silkscreen.

The team’s opinion

Yes, it’s vulgar. But don’t tell us they’re just pretty words that come out when the flash lights up your cockpit. For our already suspended licenses, for our love of transgression and speed, we had to offer you this t-shirt that makes us laugh.

Welcome to the Machinistic family.


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