The Art of the Holy Spec’

The Art of the Holy Spec’

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It’s certainly the term most often heard in the mouths of car enthusiasts, especially in recent years.

“Look at the spec’ of this one”, “I love the spec’ of that one”… This abbreviation, which stands for specification, refers to the aesthetics of a vehicle, to a subtle alliance of color, materials, stylistic and mechanical elements. Whether you’re buying from a dealership or second-hand, finding the perfect spec’ is akin to searching for the Holy Grail. Beyond its literary aspect, this quest is often interpreted as a symbolic spiritual adventure, representing the search for perfection, purity and communion with the divine.

To perfect this communion, Suzi Goodspeed gave her disciples the seven commandments of spec’ :

First commandment

“Let every line be elegant, every detail harmonious, creating a visual symphony that will seduce at every glance!”.

Imagine the aesthetics of your ideal car, visualizing every detail, every curve, every design element. Close your eyes, and mentally sketch the exterior style that would reflect your refined personal taste.

Second commandment

“Let every acceleration be an adrenaline rush, let every turn be a controlled dance, creating a driving experience like no other!”

Tel the road architect chooses your car’s performance, defining the power, handling and fuel efficiency that will make it perfect to drive. Determines engine, suspension and transmission specifications.

Third commandment

“Let each color reveal a nuance of my personality, a visual palette that will make my car unforgettable!”

Dive into the world of colors and find the perfect hue to enhance your vehicle. Look at the paint options, imagine the car in shades that reflect its style.

Fourth commandment

“Let the options be many, rare and desirable”

Explore the different finishes available for your future vehicle. Start exploring the different finishes available, each offering a unique set of features.

Fifth commandment

“Let the cockpit be a sanctuary, a place where I feel at one with the road!”

Designing an idyllic interior, choosing the materials, colors and features that will turn every door opening into a special moment. Configure the interior to meet your comfort and style requirements.

Sixth commandment

“Let the roof be an element of freedom, offering a total connection with the outside environment!”

Venture into the realm of roofs, exploring sunroof, panoramic, convertible or hardtop options. Opt for the sunroof. Although only open on a few occasions once the winter solstice has passed, it will be the cornerstone of any self-respecting specification.

Seventh commandment

“May every driver find pleasure behind the wheel and feel the ultimate satisfaction when pressing the gas pedal!”

Admire your car.

We can only applaud the driver’s passion for transforming his vehicle into an extension of his personality. And automakers are well aware of this, with BMW’s Individual and Ferrari’s “Tailor Made” finishes, for example. The love of this perfection drives every enthusiast to possess the rare pearl, even if it means paying irrational sums. The Grail in its literary form can also be seen as a symbol of power, treasure and wealth. Does it make sense to pay more, or even much more, for a particular vehicle configuration?

So yes, for many people, waiting months to find the rare pearl, or paying full price to drive in a different configuration is not necessarily necessary. But really, who wouldn’t love to be the eagle of the road at the wheel of their “Mora Metallic” pink BMW E46 Individual with Kiwi nappa leather interior? This visceral desire to make a difference and to have the difference that others want. To have a unique configuration to mark the quintessential automobile by owning a model in its ultimate finish.

However, isn’t this quest for difference through factory specifications, this gentrification of the automobile, distancing us from the primary purpose of a vehicle? Isn’t there a risk of making the automobile seem like some kind of art object, where configuration takes precedence over the rational aspect of the object? This art that we want to preserve, to keep off the road, for the purpose of financial speculation in the event of sale? This art that always goes further, sometimes too far, beyond good taste in order to stand out from the crowd?

Suzi Goodspeed shows us the way to the road of pleasure, whether your car meets every commandment, has the most beautiful color combination, the biggest engine, a sunroof or lots of options. The important thing is that you like it, that it takes you away in your own way, and that with each turn of the key the divine light opens the way.

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