Top Instagram Nov. ’23

Top Instagram Nov. ’23

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Scrolling is not a crime.

Obviously, your favorite Instagram account is Machinistic, and newborn Machinistic Club. But to inspire us in our reposts and original creations, we also like to scour the networks in search of those who make us tick…

Every month, a selection of designer accounts that we like, in the hope of helping you discover new creative horizons!


“There’s more to life than cars”. If you’re confronted with this sentence from time to time, quickly draw Instagram and show this account to your agressor! Ruba is an artist who loves making photo collages, combining objects from pop-culture, fashion, automobiles or watchmaking… It’s often surprising and really successful!


Craftsmanship… and from the land of the Gods (so they say), Jake is a sheet metal artist. His Instagram account features all his work, including the Triumph Thruxton RS we discovered him through. Magic is just around the corner, as we love to admire these hand-formed metal pieces and wonder how it’s possible to achieve such curves.


Are you a fan of supercars and exceptional cars? This is Simon’s specialty, always on the lookout for a crazy subject to put in the viewfinder of his camera. From Saint Moritz to the most beautiful spots in the Alps, his favorite region, browsing his feed is like getting a visual slap in the face at every scroll.


Lovers of two-wheeled builds with a strong personality, welcome to Economy Chopper. Raw, uncompromising and incredibly refined, Tim Klostermann’s machines thrill us with every visit to his feed.


There are people who can be considered our soul-mates of taste. Whether it’s for his personal E30, which we think is perfect, or for his always interesting car photos. Historic race cars, drift cars, stance cars or classic cars, Ross embraces all styles and shares them with you in quality photos. A ray of sunshine in the feed.


Adventure. That’s what James’ work inspires us to say. Between surfing, mountaineering, motorcycling and much more, his gallery full of good vibes transports us tirelessly off the beaten track, and always with a rad style.


Lifestyle, rides, cars, grain and personality. Everything you’re looking for in a photo gallery. With his images, Fred takes us into a warm, analog universe that smacks of passion, photographic experimentation and the cult of beautiful images. [PS: did we mention he’s our videographer?]

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