Top Instagram Oct. ’23

Top Instagram Oct. ’23

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Scrolling is not a crime.

Obviously, your favorite Instagram account is Machinistic, and newborn Machinistic Club. But to inspire us in our reposts and original creations, we also like to scour the networks in search of those who make us tick…

Every month, a selection of designer accounts that we like, in the hope of helping you discover new creative horizons!


The last model we made was an RX7 FC… which looked like a Volvo 240 after assembly. So we’re envious of Martin’s talent for creating miniatures of surreal realism. Once displayed in equally well-made dioramas, and when the photos pop up in the feed, we have fun looking for details betraying the fact that these are 1/24th scale cars.


Every time Chandler is published, a breath of fresh air comes out of the phone screen: the smells of the seventies. A real old-fashioned vibe, with well-grained, minimalist photos, and always well-chosen subjects. Lately, in a more psychedelic vein, she’s been sharing her head-turning collages with us…


It’s the story of a guy and his Prélude, not on the Pont de l’Alma (sorry Coluche), but in California. Ethan shares his adventures and his world at the wheel of his ground-skimming EG3. Quality content and a breath of JDM air.


Before the Harley brand married the hipster wave, there were the OGs of custom culture. Rough-hewn bikes, assorted bikers and, above all, a huge carburetor sticking out to the right of the engine. If you love old bikes, especially those from Milwaukee, follow Grizzly Motorcycle.


“BMWs are the most reliable”, “Japanese cars are tuning and drift cars”, “My Golf 7 is a sports car”… we’ve all heard these prejudices on Friday night meetings. A true mechanical “Memes Lord”, George illustrates these preconceived ideas with irony, and no one is spared. Perfect for a good laugh after a hard day’s work.


A brutalist, poetic look at North American car culture, transporting us into an almost unreal universe. Inimitable.

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