Angle Mort

Fir tree n°27

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A unique copy. 11 x 7 cm, cast aluminum.

This Magic Fir Tree is an original work by Arthur Pocheron, founder of the Angle Mort design studio. The mythical “magic tree” is one of the first attachments to be integrated into the passenger compartment, and often remains there without even giving off its scent. He is the subject of a collection of foundry pieces, where each piece is unique, numbered and made from recycled aluminum.

Arthur works the material, recycled aluminum, to create what might be considered automotive jewelry. The foundry process revalorizes resources, then considered as waste, into a reincarnation in a different form.

A second life for automotive objects.

The team’s opinion

More than just a product, it’s a collection of elements. It’s a universe, a history, a know-how, a handcrafted creation, a work of art. Arthur offers here a product made with passion that will leave no one indifferent. Genuine objets d’art to hang from your rear-view mirror or frame at home.

Each piece is unique, made from recycled aluminum and polished by hand.
Ultra-limited series, each piece is numbered and signed.

10 pieces available, from number 21 to 30.

Each tree comes with its own chain and certificate of authenticity in a reflective pouch.