Holy Tree “Key on the left” Machinistic Tee


As an accomplished Porsche driver, you’ll know why the key is placed on the left of the steering wheel. Spread the word with the “Key on the left” t-shirt.

Whether you’re a Porsche fanatic or simply a classic car enthusiast, this t-shirt is made for you.

White T-shirt with round neck and straight cut, made from 100% organic cotton – 200 g/m². This cotton offers excellent hold and resistance over time.

Maintenance tips

To maintain the garment’s velocity, we recommend a cold wash (30°C max). It’s also best to wash it inside out to prolong the life of the silkscreen.

The team’s opinion

You’re behind the wheel of a legendary Porsche, the wind in your hair and the roar of the Flat6 behind you. But something is missing to make your driving experience perfect. Here’s the holy “Key on the left” tree, coming full circle.

Welcome to the Machinistic family.