Gasoline MAAB (for Motorcycle / Automotive / Aviation / Bateau) is a story of passion. An all-consuming first love of design, drawing and art. Another for mechanical beauty.

Noémie merges the two worlds to perfection. It all began when his brother asked him to draw his first motorcycle. She had never drawn a motorcycle before. That was it. She started drawing a few motorcycles and cars for fun and posting them on social networks. People started following his work and asking for special orders.

Using mainly ShinHanart felt-tips, coloured pencils and Posca. His drawing style is as close to reality as possible. By dint of observation and pondering, she was able to understand how light interacted with materials. His aim with each work is to make it difficult to distinguish between drawing and object. She draws every day and sees her line change, she still has a lot to learn, it’s a never-ending adventure and that’s surely what she likes best.

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